Psalm 73

Truly, God is good to Israel, even to such as are clean in heart.

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But as for me, my feet had almost gone from under me; I was near to slipping;

Because of my envy of the men of pride, when I saw the well-being of the wrongdoers.

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For they have no pain; their bodies are fat and strong.

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They are not in trouble as others are; they have no part in the unhappy fate of men.

For this reason pride is round them like a chain; they are clothed with violent behaviour as with a robe.

Their eyes are bursting with fat; they have more than their heart's desire.

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Their thoughts are deep with evil designs; their talk from their seats of power is of cruel acts.

Their mouth goes up to heaven; their tongues go walking through the earth.

For this reason they are full of bread; and water is ever flowing for them.

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And they say, How will the Lord see this? is there knowledge in the Most High?

Truly, such are the sinners; they do well at all times, and their wealth is increased.

As for me, I have made my heart clean to no purpose, washing my hands in righteousness;

For I have been troubled all the day; every morning have I undergone punishment.

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If I would make clear what it is like, I would say, You are false to the generation of your children.

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When my thoughts were turned to see the reason of this, it was a weariness in my eyes;

Till I went into God's holy place, and saw the end of the evil-doers.

You put their feet where there was danger of slipping, so that they go down into destruction.

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How suddenly are they wasted! fears are the cause of their destruction.

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As a dream when one is awake, they are ended; they are like an image gone out of mind when sleep is over.

My heart was made bitter, and I was pained by the bite of grief:

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As for me, I was foolish, and without knowledge; I was like a beast before you.

But still I am ever with you; you have taken me by my right hand.

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Your wisdom will be my guide, and later you will put me in a place of honour.

Whom have I in heaven but you? and having you I have no desire for anything on earth.

My flesh and my heart are wasting away: but God is the Rock of my heart and my eternal heritage.

For those who are far away from you will come to destruction: you will put an end to all those who have not kept faith with you.

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But it is good for me to come near to God: I have put my faith in the Lord God, so that I may make clear all his works.

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